[Reblog] Refactoring a monolithic Powershell DSC project using PSForge

Over the last couple of years, we have been managing environment configuration of a Windows-based production environment with Powershell DSC. It’s been working rather nicely so far – any configuration drift is fixed within 15 minutes, and Windows-literate engineers are quick to get used to the Powershell-based configuration syntax.

We have a great Continuous Delivery pipeline set up to promote any new configuration, so any new DSC can be rolled out from Dev to Production with relative ease.


All DSC configuration and dependencies are stored in one Git repository – Teamcity packages the repository using Nuget, then Octopus Deploy unpacks and runs the DSC configuration on each environment in the pipeline.

You can read the rest on the DevOpsGuys blog!

Edit: Fixed the link, thanks @Squire_Matt!

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